Armor8 – Travel Edition – 60 ml (Green)


About this product

  • Anti-Bacterial Nano spray protects against various types of germs (bacteria and virus)
  • Applicable for Travel items, Digital gadgets, Watches, Wallets, Handbags, Credit/debit cards, Picnic basket, Sleep sack, Luggage bags, and Carry bags, Electronics (Mobiles, Laptops, DSLR, Keyboards), Play station, Musical instruments, Lift buttons
  • Quantity: 60 ml; convenient to carry and use
  • Protects from the germs up to 24/7*30 days
  • Anti- Bacterial Nano spray protects against various types of germs (bacteria and virus)
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Product description

Compact and convenient, Armor8 non-toxic Spray is a travel-size disinfectant spray that fits easily in a purse, pocket, or backpack. At work, restaurants, hotels or almost anywhere life takes you, this travel-size Nano spray eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria when used as directed.

Use Armor8 natural spray and make it safer for you & the environment!
Scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses, yet 100% natural and non-toxic, Armor8 is an all in one product. It’s so natural and safe to use on any hard or soft surfaces.
We are on a mission to create a healthier future, today. Armor8 is not just a personal purchase. It’s a purposeful one. Through our giving product, each purchase you make funds critical protection and helps save lives.
For its great value & ability to get rid of germs, harmful bacteria’s and other substances, Armor8 non-toxic disinfectant Nano Spray is a total worth!

Travel Edition is safe to use on Travel items such as,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Digital gadgets,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Wallets,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Handbags,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Credit/debit cards,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Picnic Basket,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Backpack,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Sleep Sack,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Luggage Bags,
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Carry Bags and many more.

Experience the wanderlust within you in the germ-free environment by using Travel Edition. Armor8 is a self-cleansing disinfectant as it observes any light sources and regenerates its efficiency. Applicable for all soft and hard types of surface.
Explore New Places In A Hygiene Environment By Using Armor8 Travel Edition!


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