Armor8 – General Edition – 250ml (Black)


About this product

  • Anti- Bacterial Nano spray protects against various types of germs (bacteria and virus)
  • Applicable for Home appliances (Door knob, Dining table, Kitchen countertops, Kitchen appliances, Curtains, Decors, Bedroom Mattress, Pillows, Sheets), Washrooms, Office (Desk, Chairs, Tables), Hotels, Automobiles, Restaurants, Hospitals (Operation tools, Stethoscope, Reception area, ICU beds, Stretcher, Surgical Scrub Sink, Medical Trolley, Patient Handling equipment etc), Clinics, School areas (Day care, Play area, Cafeteria, Schools bags, Storage rooms, Pet areas, Shoe cabinets, Closets and E
  • Quantity: 250 ml; convenient to carry and use
  • Protects from the germs up to 24/7*30 days
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Self-cleansing Disinfectant, Eliminates odour, and Non-toxic in nature
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Product description

We have introduced General Edition for your daily purpose requirements. Every single day, you come across tons of germs causing illnesses to you. Every surface you touch, be it in your home, office, cars, hospitals, restaurants, shops, etc., you stay at risk of coming in contact with innumerable germs. Who knows which of such microbes are deadly and life-threatening? It’s crucial to have a hygienic and safe environment around. Our General Edition from Armor 8 is already soaring in the market because of its effectiveness.

When you use the General Edition active disinfectant spray on any surface, you can avoid many bacterial infections. Time to ensure a healthy, hygienic, and germ-free environment around you, especially in the ongoing pandemic world. Bring home a bottle of General Edition spray and carry it around anywhere you go to remain safe from any flu-causing bacteria and viruses.

Why should you use General Edition spray?

Are you sure you are entirely safe when you board a public cab and reach your favorite restaurant to order your favorite dish? Many passengers, before you, have already boarded the same taxi and touched the doorknob. Many customers used the same table, menu card, chair, and spice bottles at the restaurant.  Keep our General Edition Armor 8 spray in your bag to enjoy every moment of life while enjoying the following benefits:

  • Dis-integrates bacteria on the surfaces.
  • Use One bottle for up to a month!
  • Easy to Use – clean it, spray it, wipe it & Dry It!
  • Safe to use on surfaces as it is non-toxic.
  • Applicable for All types of Surfaces.
  • Evaporates bacteria that cause illness.
  • Best-in-class in terms of the results.
  • The bottles are portable can fit in any bag.
  • Destroys germs that cause Odors.


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