Armor8 – Active Edition – 60 ml (Blue)


About this product

  • Anti- Bacterial Nano spray protects against various types of germs (bacteria and virus)
  • Applicable for Gym equipment, Fitness equipment, Gym Gears, Bicycle, Sports Equipment, Helmets, Shoes, Socks, Track Suits etc.
  • Quantity: 60 ml each bottles; convenient to carry and use
  • Protects from the germs up to 24/7*30 days
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus, Anti-Fungal, Self-cleansing Disinfectant, Eliminates odour, and Non-toxic in nature
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Product description

In the current pandemic scenario, going to the gym can be risky since the same equipment is being used by gym members throughout the day. Gym can breed thousands of microbes and deadly germs, a hotbed of harmful bacteria. Thus, your health is at stake when you hit the gym. While you touch gym equipment, viruses and bacteria are likely to come in contact with you, thereby entering your body. Thus, you are at high risk of viral infections. But, going to the gym is of utmost importance since health and fitness are of topmost priority. No worries! We have Armor 8 safe spray for your protection!

Armor8 non-toxic disinfectant spray can give you total protection from common viruses and infections. Our premium Nano spray from Armor8 contains elements hazardous to germs but safe for you to use. Use the Active edition of Armor 8 to stay safe and hygienic. All you need to do is just clean the surface, spray the Armor8 Active edition disinfectant spray and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Our exclusive features:

Armor 8 Nano disinfectant spray is our best germ-killing smashing technology. Our exclusive Nano spray edition from Armor 8 can eliminate germs like:

  • Staphylococcus Epidermidis
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
  • Neisseria Sicca
  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Micrococcus Luteus


Active Edition: Stay upbeat in health, beat any illness, and achieve your fitness goals by hitting the gym. Activate hygiene in the gym environment by using our Active Edition. Spray the product on any gym equipment and gear before using it. Any gym gear can be a hotspot for hazardous viruses, fungus, bacteria, and other germs. So, you are at higher risk of being infected when you visit the gym frequently.

A small mistake of ignorance on your part can pose a severe threat to your health. The good old saying – Prevention is always better than cure is highly relevant in current health scenarios. Disinfectant spray from Armor 8 can ensure that you always stay on top of precautions. While you spray it on any surface in the gym, you can safely use the gear for hours. This is entirely safe for you as the spray stays effective for hours on the surface.

Why should you use our Active Edition?

Our Active edition series from Armor 8 is hard on any gym and sports gear. So, the next time you hit the gym, make sure to carry a file of our effective Armor 8 Active Edition spray. Our product comes with guaranteed results. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • gives you a complete shield from harmful bacterial infections.
  • Protects you in the gym in the current pandemic.
  • Offers antibacterial protection from multiple people touching the same gym gears
  • can be used on every gym equipment like a bicycle, Dumble, shoes, helmets, athletic socks, tracksuits, etc.
  • It lasts for 30 days!
  • Highly cost-effective in the market.
  • It can be used in a straightforward single-step – clean the surface, spray it, wipe it and dry it.
  • odorless and non-toxic
  • applicable on every kind of surface – hard and soft.
  • Gets rid of odor and germs causing illness.


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