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Safe Home, Safe Environment with Armor 8

Get Complete Shield Against Germs & Viruses

Armor8® – A flagship of SmartCoat disinfects any surface in one single step. Armor 8 helps eliminate germs in your home with this deodorizing spray and keeps an utterly safe home. A safe and germ-free room is essential for anyone, especially for those with morbidity issues, older adults, or pregnant ladies, since they have comparatively lesser immunity. A home free from bacteria and germs ensures an entirely safe environment for babies and kids as they are more prone to infections.

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Armor 8 offers an extensive range of long-lasting Disinfectants Nano Spray Products. Before getting to how to use these, let’s first grab your interest in how it works. After thorough research in labs for years, Armor8 has designed its products to make them highly effective with guaranteed results. With a detailed understanding of various possible infections and different variants of germs, we have crafted our exclusive range of disinfectant products to keep you protected on every occasion of life. Let’s explore it more...!

How to Use

You can spray it on any surface you wish tosterilise! Germs are everywhere: at home, in the office, restaurant, even in your car. They can cause illnesss from a common cold to a potentially life-theatening infection.

Step 1

Clean item surface properly

Step 2

Apply Armor 8 on item surface with 2 feet's distance

Step 3

Start Armor 8 decomposing harmful bacteria & viruses with the help of light source.