Safe Home, Safe Environment with Armor 8​

99% Germ-Free with Nano Spray For All Surfaces​

Armor8® –A flagship of SmartCoat disinfects any surface in one single step. Armor 8 helps eliminate germs in your home with this deodorizing spray and keeps an utterly safe home. A safe and germ-free room is essential for anyone, especially for those with morbidity issues, older adults, or pregnant ladies, since they have comparatively lesser immunity. A home free from bacteria and germs ensures an entirely safe environment for babies and kids as they are more prone to infections. Any surface can pose a severe health hazard, especially if you touch something already used by others. Touchable textures are breeding zones of deadly viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. Cleaning such surfaces with plain water or wet cloth may not be enough. You are just making the character look clean but leaving it as a breeding zone.

In today’s fast life, the present health scenario poses a threat to your health if you are:

It’s unavoidable to touch any of these public surfaces, and you invite many unwanted germs to your home. So, it’s time for you to take strict precautions, and you can only do that by sanitizing every such item which comes in your contact.

Our Armor 8 spray can save you from all of these because of its antimicrobial properties. Just spray it on the surfaces of metal and glass of your home and office to completely get rid of germs. Our range of disinfectant sprays can provide you with a complete shield from any life-threatening viruses, microbes, and bacteria.

Use this spray on soft and hard surfaces like delivery boxes, furniture, knobs and handles, sofas, chairs, and more to be safe from deadly bacteria and fungus. With antifungal properties, the range of highly effective sprays kills all harmful bacteria around to keep you safe. Our exclusive Armor 8 sprays are hard on surfaces but gentle for you!


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Ensuring Consumer Confidence- We are committed to giving a trustable solution for our consumers that offers long-lasting protection.


Germs are everywhere, Statistics says, 80% communicable diseases are transferred by touch. Around 60,000 types of microbes everyone come into contact on a daily basis. Most of the harmful germs, bacteria move through our frequently used things like purses or wallets, Remotes, cutting boards, Cell phones, kitchen, and bathroom taps, etc.


Armor8® is a unique formulation that deodorizes, sanitizes and eliminates germs, bacteria’s and viruses. It is an optimal solution for all of us to stay protected from viral infections.


Armor8® is a Quality Conscious non-toxic antibacterial Nano Spray provides germ protection that can last up to 30 days. It made with an entirely eco-friendly system, No harmful residue, and chemicals.